Argumentative essay topics – 250 Topics – ALL Sciences and Arts

Argumentative essay topics are of keen interest for all students from undergraduate to post graduate level, including college and school students. This detailed article will help you find the best argument essay topics. Under a variety of categories, we have added a number of highly sought after ideas that will help you earn good grades.

Science Argumentative essay topics

Science Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should artificial intelligence be used to predict natural disasters?
  2. Is it ethical to clone endangered species?
  3. Should the government fund research into creating artificial organs?
  4. Can renewable energy sources entirely replace fossil fuels?
  5. Should there be stricter regulations on space junk?
  6. Is nanotechnology a threat to privacy?
  7. Should deep-sea mining be permitted?
  8. Are current conservation efforts sufficient to protect biodiversity?
  9. Should geoengineering be used to combat climate change?
  10. Is human genetic enhancement ethical?
  11. Should CRISPR technology be used to eliminate genetic diseases?
  12. Are nuclear power plants a viable solution for reducing carbon emissions?
  13. Should the production of biofuels be prioritized over food crops?
  14. Is it ethical to create designer babies?
  15. Should we invest more in research for quantum computing?
  16. Are the potential benefits of gene therapy worth the risks?
  17. Should the use of drones in scientific research be regulated?
  18. Is it ethical to use brain-computer interfaces in humans?
  19. Should we prioritize space exploration over deep-sea exploration?
  20. Are we doing enough to combat antibiotic resistance?
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Technology Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should AI be used to make hiring decisions?
  2. Is the development of autonomous weapons ethical?
  3. Should facial recognition technology be banned in public places?
  4. Are smart homes a threat to privacy?
  5. Should tech companies be responsible for misinformation on their platforms?
  6. Is the digital divide a significant issue in modern society?
  7. Should governments regulate the development of AI?
  8. Is the use of biometrics for identification safe?
  9. Should autonomous vehicles be allowed on public roads?
  10. Is blockchain technology the future of secure transactions?
  11. Should there be a limit on how much data companies can collect on users?
  12. Are virtual reality experiences beneficial for education?
  13. Should internet access be considered a basic human right?
  14. Is the rapid advancement of technology outpacing our ability to regulate it?
  15. Should there be an age limit for social media usage?
  16. Is 5G technology safe for public health?
  17. Should online anonymity be protected?
  18. Are self-repairing materials the future of construction?
  19. Should e-sports be recognized as official sports?
  20. Are wearables invading personal privacy?
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Health Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should telemedicine replace traditional doctor visits?
  2. Is the anti-vaccine movement a public health threat?
  3. Should there be restrictions on junk food advertising?
  4. Are alternative medicines effective?
  5. Should the sale of sugary drinks be restricted?
  6. Is the healthcare system in the U.S. in need of reform?
  7. Should mental health screenings be mandatory in schools?
  8. Is the pharmaceutical industry too powerful?
  9. Should healthcare workers be required to get vaccinated?
  10. Is euthanasia ethically permissible?
  11. Should there be a tax on unhealthy foods?
  12. Are fitness trackers beneficial for health?
  13. Should we allow the sale of human organs?
  14. Is universal healthcare a right?
  15. Should cosmetic surgery be regulated more strictly?
  16. Are over-the-counter medications overused?
  17. Should reproductive cloning be allowed?
  18. Is the mental health stigma still prevalent in society?
  19. Should there be a limit on healthcare costs?
  20. Are sports drinks necessary for hydration?
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Government Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should the government regulate cryptocurrencies?
  2. Is a two-party political system effective?
  3. Should voting be mandatory?
  4. Is the current tax system fair?
  5. Should there be more women in politics?
  6. Is the Electoral College outdated?
  7. Should political campaigns be publicly funded?
  8. Are whistleblowers heroes or traitors?
  9. Should lobbying be banned?
  10. Is gerrymandering a threat to democracy?
  11. Should there be term limits for Supreme Court Justices?
  12. Is the War on Drugs effective?
  13. Should government surveillance be increased for national security?
  14. Is the current welfare system effective?
  15. Should there be stricter gun control laws?
  16. Is the separation of church and state necessary?
  17. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  18. Is the current immigration policy effective?
  19. Should there be more restrictions on free speech?
  20. Is a universal basic income feasible?
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Education Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should coding be a mandatory subject in schools?
  2. Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling?
  3. Should college education be free for everyone?
  4. Are standardized tests an accurate measure of student ability?
  5. Should students be taught financial literacy?
  6. Is online learning as effective as in-person learning?
  7. Should there be a dress code in schools?
  8. Are single-sex schools more effective than co-ed schools?
  9. Should physical education be mandatory in schools?
  10. Is homework beneficial for students?
  11. Should arts education be prioritized more in schools?
  12. Are school uniforms beneficial?
  13. Should schools operate year-round?
  14. Is the current curriculum outdated?
  15. Should students have a say in their curriculum?
  16. Are extracurricular activities essential for student development?
  17. Should schools teach more practical life skills?
  18. Is the education system in need of reform?
  19. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  20. Is the pressure to attend college too high?
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Environmental Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should single-use plastics be banned?
  2. Is deforestation a major threat to our planet?
  3. Should we prioritize conservation over economic development?
  4. Are current recycling programs effective?
  5. Should there be stricter regulations on industrial pollution?
  6. Is nuclear energy environmentally sustainable?
  7. Should we invest more in renewable energy sources?
  8. Is climate change the greatest threat to humanity?
  9. Should zoos be abolished?
  10. Are electric vehicles the solution to pollution?
  11. Should we limit our consumption of meat to save the planet?
  12. Is overfishing a significant problem?
  13. Should there be stricter laws on hunting and poaching?
  14. Is urban sprawl a threat to the environment?
  15. Should we invest in vertical farming?
  16. Are current conservation efforts enough to protect endangered species?
  17. Should businesses be required to reduce their carbon footprint?
  18. Is the use of pesticides in agriculture harmful?
  19. Should there be more public transportation options?
  20. Are green roofs beneficial for cities?
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Economic Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  2. Is income inequality a major issue in modern society?
  3. Should corporations have a social responsibility?
  4. Is capitalism the best economic system?
  5. Should there be a cap on CEO salaries?
  6. Are gig economy jobs beneficial for workers?
  7. Should there be a universal basic income?
  8. Is the current tax system fair to everyone?
  9. Should there be more support for small businesses?
  10. Are cryptocurrencies a viable alternative to traditional currencies?
  11. Should there be stricter regulations on financial institutions?
  12. Is the stock market a true indicator of economic health?
  13. Should there be more focus on economic sustainability?
  14. Are trade tariffs beneficial for the economy?
  15. Is outsourcing jobs harmful to the economy?
  16. Should there be a living wage instead of a minimum wage?
  17. Are labor unions still necessary?
  18. Should there be more government intervention in the economy?
  19. Is the gig economy the future of work?
  20. Should wealth be redistributed more equally?
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Sports Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should college athletes be paid?
  2. Is esports a legitimate sport?
  3. Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  4. Are violent sports too dangerous?
  5. Should there be gender equality in sports?
  6. Are professional athletes overpaid?
  7. Should sports betting be legal?
  8. Are youth sports too competitive?
  9. Should there be stricter regulations on sports injuries?
  10. Is the use of instant replay technology fair in sports?
  11. Should athletes be role models?
  12. Are Olympic Games beneficial for host countries?
  13. Should schools prioritize sports over academics?
  14. Are sports teams with mascots that reference Native Americans offensive?
  15. Should extreme sports be banned?
  16. Are sports agents necessary?
  17. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  18. Are video games sports?
  19. Should there be more funding for women’s sports?
  20. Are sports important for child development?
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Ethics Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should social media platforms be responsible for user content?
  2. Is it ethical to use AI in warfare?
  3. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  4. Is euthanasia morally acceptable?
  5. Should animal rights be more strictly enforced?
  6. Is it ethical to use animals in entertainment?
  7. Should there be more regulations on advertising?
  8. Are sweatshops unethical?
  9. Is it ethical to genetically modify humans?
  10. Should businesses prioritize profit over ethics?
  11. Is privacy a fundamental right?
  12. Should human cloning be allowed?
  13. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  14. Should advertising to children be banned?
  15. Is it ethical to use personal data for marketing?
  16. Should organ donation be compulsory?
  17. Is capital punishment ethical?
  18. Should there be ethical guidelines for AI development?
  19. Is it ethical to conduct experiments on animals?
  20. Should there be a universal moral code?
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Religion Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should religious symbols be allowed in public places?
  2. Is it ethical to teach religion in schools?
  3. Should religious institutions pay taxes?
  4. Is freedom of religion a fundamental right?
  5. Should religious practices be protected by law?
  6. Is it ethical to convert people to a different religion?
  7. Should there be a separation of religion and state?
  8. Is it ethical to criticize religious beliefs?
  9. Should religious holidays be considered public holidays?
  10. Is it ethical to impose religious beliefs on others?
  11. Should religious texts be interpreted literally?
  12. Is it ethical to use religion to justify actions?
  13. Should religious leaders be held to higher moral standards?
  14. Is it ethical to discriminate based on religious beliefs?
  15. Should religious education be part of the school curriculum?
  16. Is it ethical to use religious beliefs to influence politics?
  17. Should there be interfaith dialogue to promote peace?
  18. Is it ethical to refuse medical treatment based on religious beliefs?
  19. Should religious beliefs be protected in the workplace?
  20. Is it ethical to build religious monuments on public land?

Miscellaneous Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should tipping be abolished in restaurants?
  2. Is graffiti art or vandalism?
  3. Should gambling be legal?
  4. Are beauty pageants exploitative?
  5. Should zoos exist?
  6. Is the fashion industry harmful to society?
  7. Should plastic surgery be allowed for cosmetic purposes?
  8. Is the use of surveillance cameras in public places an invasion of privacy?
  9. Should reality TV shows be banned?
  10. Is the portrayal of violence in media harmful to society?
  11. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  12. Are video games harmful to children?
  13. Should junk food be taxed?
  14. Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment?
  15. Should there be limits on the amount of money spent on weddings?
  16. Is celebrity culture harmful to society?
  17. Should graffiti be considered art?
  18. Are reality TV shows scripted?
  19. Should public transportation be free?
  20. Is it ethical to keep animals in captivity?
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Law Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should marijuana be legalized?
  2. Is the legal drinking age appropriate?
  3. Should prostitution be legalized?
  4. Are gun control laws effective?
  5. Should the legal voting age be lowered?
  6. Is the criminal justice system fair?
  7. Should there be stricter penalties for cyber crimes?
  8. Are mandatory minimum sentences effective?
  9. Should the bail system be reformed?
  10. Is the war on drugs effective?
  11. Should hate speech be banned?
  12. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent?
  13. Should the legal driving age be raised?
  14. Are prison sentences effective in reducing crime?
  15. Should there be stricter penalties for animal cruelty?
  16. Is the current immigration law fair?
  17. Should there be more laws to protect the environment?
  18. Is the patent system effective?
  19. Should there be more regulations on corporate lobbying?
  20. Are copyright laws effective?
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Culture Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should cultural appropriation be considered a crime?
  2. Is globalization beneficial for cultures?
  3. Should museums return artifacts to their countries of origin?
  4. Is the preservation of indigenous cultures important?
  5. Should there be more representation of minorities in media?
  6. Is the influence of Western culture harmful?
  7. Should cultural heritage sites be protected?
  8. Is it ethical to censor art?
  9. Should traditional gender roles be challenged?
  10. Is the preservation of historical buildings important?
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