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Every student sooner or later faces the necessity of writing a persuasive essay and the main problem in this case is to come up with the topic for it. But now you can calm down, as we offer an ideal way out for you!

Surely, you can proceed and try to invent some brilliant topic for the necessary persuasive or argumentative essay. But this is just a waste of time, which can be spend with more benefits.

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If you value your time or are not a well-experienced essay writer or just lack new ideas for your argumentative essay, here is the list with 50 brilliant suggestions that can help you with your topic for argumentative essay.

Look through the offered list of free argumentative essay topics and choose the one that appeals to you:

  1. Animals are used in various medical and scientific research. Do you think this is right?
  2. Cosmetic surgery: a curse or a blessing?
  3. Can there be privately run prisons?
  4. Should all the murderers be sentenced to a death penalty or should they spend their whole life in prison?
  5. Do you agree that every person has the right to dress and act how they want to?
  6. Should it be allowed to exhume bodies of outstanding people and to transport them to some other place?
  7. Zoos are prisons for animals.
  8. Should Lenin be buried at last?
  9. What is your attitude to wearing furs?
  10. Should animal rights be protected?
  11. Did the execution of Saddam Hussein lead to the establishing of democracy in Iraq?
  12. What is your attitude to the possibility for men to have more than one wife?
  13. Is plastic surgery a way to obtain beauty or a way to ruin your health?
  14. The problem of contraception should be discussed openly.
  15. Such punishment as cutting a thief’s right hand still exists in some Eastern countries. What is your opinion about this?
  16. Comment on the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  17. Social media sites should be banned as they distract people from everyday life.
  18. Do you agree that talking about major issues like abortion or marijuana legalization lessens their importance?
  19. Can atheists and religious people coexist?
  20. Prove that every historical epoch has some lessons to teach us.
  21. argument essay

    Not a bad list of ideas, is it? But have you still not found the one that you like most and can develop? Then, here are some more prompts:

  22. Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ as an example of art for elite culture.
  23. Many countries in the world require some aid to exist but some countries do not deserve it.
  24. In the age of computers and instant access to information, it is necessary to sort and filter the information you take in, not just blindly believe it.
  25. If there was a possibility to share wisdom with future generations, this could help them to avoid making the same mistakes.
  26. Why there is such a division of art as art for masses and art for the elite?
  27. Everyone knows such pop culture icons as David Beckham and Drake thanks to mass media. Keeping up with pop culture is a trend now.
  28. Does pop culture form similar interests in people around the globe, regardless of their culture?
  29. As the world is becoming more urbanized, it is hardly possible that people will live in the countryside.
  30. There is a constant fight between vegetarians and meat eaters. Which side is better to support?
  31. There is no problem in talking about sex now, but there is hardly anyone who can speak about cheating without any embarrassment.
  32. These ones are not suitable for you? You are not satisfied with the range of topics? You must be joking! Ok, here are some more suggestions of the persuasive essay topics:

  33. A new trend now is organic food diets. Do you think this trend will last long?
  34. Prove that “traditional” gender roles of men and women have changed in our society.
  35. The majority agrees that junk food is not good for our health, but we continue eating it anyway. Why is it so?
  36. The music you are listening to usually reflects your mood. Can it be a means to deal with your emotions?
  37. Natural disasters are not a very pleasant way to bring the world together.
  38. It has been proven not once that those who did learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Support this idea.
  39. Modern medicine now is being replaced by natural herbs and plants in many cases. Can you prove that natural medicine is a valid form of treatment?
  40. Describe your ideal society. Does it have something in common with utopia?
  41. Every country says that their girls are the prettiest. Which country would you choose in this regard?
  42. Prove that brunettes are smarter than blondes.
  43. Are you still searching for even better ideas? Then, we cannot disappoint you and here is the last portion of our free argumentative essay topics:

  44. Talented people have an equal chance to become famous, regardless of their status, looks, or age?
  45. Do gay marriages have a right to exist?
  46. Do you think that publishing personal thoughts online is a good idea?
  47. Is skepticism a weapon that protects you from anything?
  48. There is more pressure on women than on men to be beautiful.
  49. It is a common belief that whatever happens is for the best. Can you prove this?
  50. The idea of extraterrestrial life has been worrying people since the first space flight.
  51. Computer games has become a kind of addiction and not only among children
  52. Money can buy everything, even happiness.
  53. It is strange that the driving age is 16, at 18 you can become a porn star, but you should be 21 to start gambling.
  54. Now, you can relax as you have read all of our brilliant 50 free topics. But here comes another problem: with such a great list of suggestions, it is really hard to choose the one that appeals to you most of all, especially if you agree that all the topics are good, controversial, and interesting to develop. Therefore, we are ready to help you again to choose the only topic you need, the one that fits you perfectly. Here are some tips on how to determine this ideal option:

    1. Knowledge of the material

    Define which knowledge or previous experience you already have and can apply to a certain topic. You will find it easier to write about something that you know, have some background information about, or have already tried.

    2. Personal attitude

    It is better to write about something when you have your own opinion or some personal attitude to the matter. Your strong belief in what you are writing can help you better than any books or words of advice. It is very easy to persuade others if you really believe in what you’re saying.

    3. Do some research

    While choosing a topic for your essay, make sure that you will be able to back up your opinion by some reliable info. In case you lack the sources to strengthen your position, it will be more difficult to persuade others in your arguments.

    Now, when you choose the topic for your persuasive/argumentative essay, it is time to start writing. It was not very difficult to do this thanks to our guidance, was it? Here are two more tips for you to ease the process of creation. It is very helpful to look at some examples of such essays. But if you still have troubles with your persuasive/argumentative essay, you are welcome to use professional Custom Writing service for any essay or research paper you need!

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